Our expertise as well as years of experience in engineering and production line enabled us to design a revolutionary type of brick.

Bricks are one of the best choices when it comes to exterior structure and material because of its strength and longevity, and cost. For many years, brick has been a reliable construction material. There is no shortage of brick structures around the world to supply the massive global demand, and that shows how popular and useable this material is. Not to mention that it offers a great level of sustainability and it is very cost friendly. Despite of all its benefit, the traditional bricks are not always the best option for builders and engineers, because of the following disadvantages:

Brickup offers two products:

• First one is a modular brick that has a specific structure which does not need any mortar to bind these bricks, as the dent-shaped bricks click and join.

• The second product has the same structure as the first one but there is a sensor inside which will be able to sense their surroundings and respond to them through a series of digitally coordinated mechanisms. This help with the early detection of pressure, certain level of humidity, and any danger of leakage or soil settlement.

• The sensor is connected to a mobile application via Bluetooth to give notifications whenever necessary.

• Brickup is weather resistant and erosion does not affect the structure.

• It is energy efficient and can act as a type of insulation so that it saves energy.

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